Are Online Video Slots Fair?

The beauty of online casinos is that players have access to a broad collection of game, and these games can be played from almost anywhere. Slots are the most common type of casino game found online, and some people often wonder if its outcomes are fair. In this guide, we'll discuss extensively how slots work and. You can go to 1st-onlinecasino to learn about strategies for casino games.

Playing Slots Online

Slots have different types which are based on their properties. Some of the common types that players play are progressive jackpot slots, classic slots, branded slots and so on. Despite the existence of these different types of slots, the way the game works is actually the same. However, there may be a slight difference in the structure of their layout, symbols, themes and the likes.

To play an online slot game, the first thing you need to do is specify your betting amount while considering the betting limit of the game. In most cases, slots come with a bet size field that you can adjust to specify your betting amount. After settling your bet size, then you can spin the reels of the game. Here are a few things you should know when playing slots.

  • Usually, you can win by landing 3 or more same symbols on a payline
  • Slots have in-game bonus features that you can trigger
  • There is a defined paytable that determines what you win

RNG in Online Slots

Now that we've explained how to play slot, let's talk about the outcomes. Are they fair? Well, online slots are virtual casino games, so they use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make their outcomes random and give every player the same opportunity of winning. The RNG is integrated into the game by the developer and the way it works is pretty amazing.

RNG is an algorithm which generates numerous random number combinations within a fraction of a second. These number combinations are independent of each other and they are used alongside other codes written for the game to make the outcomes random. Because these combinations are independent, it also means that players will find it difficult to see a winning pattern when they play online slots.

RTP of Online Slots

The Return to Player percentage of an online slot is the percentage of the overall bet amount which is placed on the game throughout its existence that players will get as winnings. If a slot has a 98% RTP and the overall bet amount is $100, then the amount players can win from that game eventually will amount to $98. The $2 is called the house edge.

The Volatility of Online Slots

There are three levels of volatility/variance that an online slot can fall into - the high, low and medium volatility. By definition, volatility refers to the probability of winning in a game. High volatility games have high risks and high returns, but low volatility slots offer frequent wins even though they might be small. Medium volatility slots are kind of in the middle of these two.

  • High Volatility Slots - High risk and high payouts
  • Low Volatility Slots - Low risk and high payouts
  • Medium Volatility Slots - Medium risk and high payouts

How to Choose a Good Slots Casino

If you want a great experience playing slots, then choosing a top online casino is important. This is because a good online casino will not rig their games or run away with your winnings. To choose the best slot casinos, you should ensure that it is licensed, the site is secured, there are various types of slots provided for you to play, the bonuses are good and so on.

Summary and Conclusion

We've explained the fairness of online slots in this article. Remember that slots found in the lobby of top online casinos have RNG which ensures that the outcomes are randomised. Aside from that, make sure you choose a good online casino that is licensed and secure so that you can be confident that their games are not rigged. Why not check out our list of slot casinos today!